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I figure that I should post something about this, though I wouldn't put it past alot of you if you didnt believe me.  I have posted journals before that would have to talk about my plans and then I would not follow through. This year will hopefully be different, I need my life to turn around and I kinda wish I do so sooner. Starting next week, well some of it was started this week but I will have this all rolling completely by next week, this is what I hope to see happen and succeed.

Save Money. Starting this year, my boyfriend and I have finally decided to start saving money for things we NEED and not just WANT. We need a new bed, mattress and foundation, being as we are BOTH sleeping on an old twin that he must of had his whole life. Each week we are saving money towards our monthly phone bill instead of using our paychecks the week of the due date. Gas money is being saved the same way. Once we have the mattress, we will be saving for our once a year vacation which is an anime convention, though we may just put our W2s towards it so we may start saving for the most important thing this year. A new car. My boyfriend's old as hell truck is not going to last and we really need to get him a new car. I, myself, have yet to start driving which is sad being as I turned 21 in 2013. Then after that is all said and done we have to use what is left of the money to buy food for the week so we, or at least me because he gets paid more from working at the store longer, will be technically broke.

Diet/Weight Loss. This is why we will be getting our own food each week instead of eating with his family. Between now and Saturday, I will be setting up a diet plan for us. While my boyfriend is only somewhat over the average healthy weight that his height and age calls for, I am over mine by alot. Sadly, over a hundred pounds over mine recommended weight. No, I am not losing weight for anyone but myself and my boyfriend is joining me because he wants to and it would make buying food easier. I already have a fitbit flex from my parents from Christmas and once I can get abit of money saved, I plan to get the trainer for it that will suggested ways to be more active though I plan to start do warm ups, jogging and jump roping sooner.

Art. Drawing. Let me try and explain why I dont post alot. When I started drawing, I made the very common mistake to take the cartoon/anime route into drawing. I had no one to tell me that realism and learning anatomy would have been the better route to take. I didnt have an art class that would teach me this until my second year of High School and I started drawing in sketch books at the beginning of Middle School. Now that I took that art class and knew this info, I was at the time planning to fix my mistake but something happened. I ended up having surgery that in the end, after 4 more surgeries that were supposed to take care of the issue, cause major depression which cause me to stop drawing and gain back weight I had LOST during my diet beforehand. So now, when I draw, I get entirely frustrated and either delete it or never go back to it again. What I do end up liking enough to finish and post is so few and far between that its not funny. Thanks to my compulsive spending though, I now have a nice little collection of anatomy books for realism. I plan to rewrite, or redraw, my 'style' by learning realism from scratch and going from there.

Art. Sewing. I have a bunch of fabric that I need to get rid of to make why for fresh, uncut fabric. I have minky and faux fur that need to get made into plush and sold. So far I have a canine pattern drawn up and is ready to be tried out and a feline one will follow it after the canine is tested and fixed. Humanoid and anthro plush are also on their way and no, I do not plan to make My Little Pony plush anymore. I also plan to start making art dolls, I already have a species that will be made into pre-made model.

Art. Sculpture. Art dolls arent the only thing. I have done sculptures before but never stopped to take a picture of them and when I did go back to take a picture, the poor thing was broken... For Christmas, my boyfriend got me the Creature Sculpt book by emilySculpts so now I know more then I used to and I hope to remake my old sculptures and show before and after even with the broken sculpts.

That is all I can really think of right now. If you would like to see the journal with the progress of my money saving please go here:…


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